About us - BATYCKI
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The BATYCKI brand is a synonym of class, prestige, and luxury. Smart bags, accessories, and extras are made of superb quality leather, with exceptional care for every detail. They are produced exclusively in Poland, by employees with a large amount of experience and great professional skills. Every product is marked with an amber eye. BATYCKI products are classically refined and at the same time comfortable, lasting, and practical.

Production process

All BATYCKI brand products are made in Gdańsk. The factory employs the best professionals with a large amount of experience and high skills in producing leather haberdashery. The BATYCKI brand is committed to legal employment, the reliability of its suppliers, and thus the quality of the entire production. The team of people who create the BATYCKI brand are the most valuable assets of the company. Care for working conditions and comfort, good relationships with suppliers, contractors and counterparties are the foundations of the company’s operation on the market.


Polish product

The entire production of the BATYCKI brand, from start to finish, takes place in Poland. The company’s focus is on maximising the use of the local labour market and domestic raw materials in its production process. The BATYCKI brand cares for the Polish character of its products also in a symbolic dimension, by using the ‘gold of the Baltic Sea’ as a logo of its products, i.e. amber that has been always associated with Polish tradition and culture.


Every product of the BATYCKI brand is marked with an authentic amber eye. This logo symbolizes also the location where the collections of the brand are created, namely Gdańsk, its history, and a Slavic soul. The ‘burning stone’ is a symbol of success, luxury, stability, and refinement; therefore, it decorates all bags and other accessories of the brand created by the Motława River. Because amber also symbolizes happiness and fortune, the BATYCKI brand wishes to offer it to all its clients, trusting that success and fortune will be always with them.