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The products of the BATYCKI brand are ideal as gifts and prizes, always emphasizing the prestige of one’s position. The timeless and classical designs of our products will ensure the required prestige and image. The quality of products and care for details make our products enjoyable for a long time. Their expression is simple and noble, and they always highlight the elegance and refined taste of their owners. Associated with luxury, prestige, and elegance, they give a unique expression to the business image of their users in the eyes of clients and business partners.

The invitation is extended to businesses, institutions, advertising agencies, and all those who look for elegant business gifts that are unique, Polish, luxurious and lasting. Our Business Product Department is at your disposal. Every product can be custom-made, to meet the needs and expectations of every client.


ul. Litewska 12 80-719 Gdańsk, Polska

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tel: (sekretariat) +48 503 09 06 09, (sklep) +48 512 02 03 02